The Xmas Delve: Dark Kringle

Inspired by the season, the PVP gag and a strange childhood playing RPG's, on Monday I ran a Delve for five level 4 characters. 

Here's the scoop, in case you want to run an Xmas Delve during the holidays.

Season 1, Episode 6


Boy, did we miss our podcast.  We've got special surprises all up and down our sixth episode! What are you waiting for?  Download it!


Hark! The Herald Angels Podcast!

(Who's this Harold guy anyway?)

What do you want for Xmas? 

A pony?  A red shiny fire truck?  A new Exemplary DM podcast?

Well, if you wanted that last thing, you're in luck! 

No joke!  We're serious this time!  We've already recorded it!  No kidding.  Serious!  Why are you looking at us like that.