Season 3, Episode 3

The n00b Episode

In this episode we cover over eight helpful tips for DMs to use when playing for the very first time with players new to role-playing games. This happens often - as career DM's we are regularly evangelizing the game to new friends, spouses, coworkers, kids, shipmates, etc. How best to achieve success with brand new roleplayers?


Season 3, Episode 2

The Catch Up On Feedback Episode

Yes, we're still podcasting! Thanks to everyone who cared enough to email us and ask if we are both still alive. But really, rumors of the demise of the ExemplaryDM podcast are mostly exaggerated.

In this episode we respond to listener emails in a number of ways, including some inspiration from LinkedIn spam, responding to listening feedback, cordially telling people who wonder if we are still podcasting to bugger off, and for the first time, using a listener's character concept as a Gadget of the Podcast!