Season 1 - Episode 5

We're back and joined this time by guest host Ian to talk about tips and pointers on how to create your own Campaign Setting. 

Reaper Ron - solving all my figurine problems (well, just the one, really)

William here, just oversharing a bit.

I ordered a dragonborn-ish looking figurine for my upcoming dragonborn fighter/rogue hybrid character for Chad and Ian's startup.  I wanted Golanth, with the optional "boneyard" piece to give the fig a left-hand sword instead of a left-hand shield. 


We're recording today!

Just when you though we were dead in a gutter somewhere (how could you think that?) here we are, prepping for recording Season 1, Episode 5 today.  Woot!


A future topic in the making for sure

Last night we had a kickoff discussion night for Chad's new campaign that he is co-DM'ing with his friend Ian.