Reaper Ron - solving all my figurine problems (well, just the one, really)

William here, just oversharing a bit.

I ordered a dragonborn-ish looking figurine for my upcoming dragonborn fighter/rogue hybrid character for Chad and Ian's startup.  I wanted Golanth, with the optional "boneyard" piece to give the fig a left-hand sword instead of a left-hand shield. 

So, their website wasn't quite right with that fig's boneyard pieces, so I sent an email.  A few prompt but incomplete email responses later, I had confused the bejeezus out of the well-intentioned lady on the other side.

In stepped Ron.  He talked on the phone with me at 5:30pm - local time to Denton, TX!  Yeah, he was totally still at work!  What a trooper.  Livin the American dream, working at a company that makes little pewter succubi.  (jealous...)

Ron's voice was clearly a pile of geekery iced with a thin veil of professional retailism, the perfect combination when you want to talk about nerdy figurines but also want to be assured that you, the customer, is always right.

His phone call assured me in detail that my order had been placed correctly, shipped UPS 2nd Day.  What a helpful figurine geek!  He was extremely nice on the phone and, given that Reaper got my order right (and it should arrive tomorrow) it was made all the better by the fact that he was so friendly on the phone, explaining to me how the boneyard pieces are sold and how their shipping process works.  

Reaper Minis surely earned some repeat business of mine, and now I feel all guilty and stuff for ordering a figurine for the wife from miniaturemarket.com, my other favorite online figure shop from which Chad and I have loaded up on metal and plastic dnd figurines.

And even though Reaper's website really needs to focus on the part of e-commerce it has exclusivity to - the boneyard pieces, and even though Reaper never replied to my sister-in-law's application for its concept artist position, I think my next fig orders will definitely be from the Reaper website.

I'm pretty sure that Ron's twitter account is @ReaperRon, either that, or Reaper clearly employs too many folks named Ron.