The Xmas Delve: Dark Kringle

Inspired by the season, the PVP gag and a strange childhood playing RPG's, on Monday I ran a Delve for five level 4 characters. 

Here's the scoop, in case you want to run an Xmas Delve during the holidays.

Season 1, Episode 6


Boy, did we miss our podcast.  We've got special surprises all up and down our sixth episode! What are you waiting for?  Download it!


Hark! The Herald Angels Podcast!

(Who's this Harold guy anyway?)

What do you want for Xmas? 

A pony?  A red shiny fire truck?  A new Exemplary DM podcast?

Well, if you wanted that last thing, you're in luck! 

No joke!  We're serious this time!  We've already recorded it!  No kidding.  Serious!  Why are you looking at us like that. 


Jinx, buy me a podcast

So, I totally jinxed us a few weekends ago with a premature tweet on recording.  We didn't, and we've been so stupid busy that we haven't gotten a chance to record.  We have played a little (will post pics) in our respective campaigns but no recording... yet.  Pardon us for not recording at Chad's Halloween party too... we totally could have done a remote podcast. Oh well.  (That would have been lame anyway.)

We will record though, the holidays should be merciful on us. 

So thanks for your continued interest and support, we'll be back and audible again before you can say Shirokinukatsukami.


Season 1 - Episode 5

We're back and joined this time by guest host Ian to talk about tips and pointers on how to create your own Campaign Setting. 

Reaper Ron - solving all my figurine problems (well, just the one, really)

William here, just oversharing a bit.

I ordered a dragonborn-ish looking figurine for my upcoming dragonborn fighter/rogue hybrid character for Chad and Ian's startup.  I wanted Golanth, with the optional "boneyard" piece to give the fig a left-hand sword instead of a left-hand shield. 


We're recording today!

Just when you though we were dead in a gutter somewhere (how could you think that?) here we are, prepping for recording Season 1, Episode 5 today.  Woot!


A future topic in the making for sure

Last night we had a kickoff discussion night for Chad's new campaign that he is co-DM'ing with his friend Ian.


Hot Action: Pics from two nights of DND

We've been playing DND, we just haven't been recording us talk about playing DND...

So, to slake the thirst of our listeners (I write this sarcastically) we've posted some new action pics!


Exemplary irregularity

What's funny is that my brother Dave fears that his guest appearance podcast was so bad, it actually is preventing Chad and I from recording again.


Season 1 Episode 4

In this podcast we depart from our campaign preparation series and are joined by two experts in the field of Play by Post, Ben and Dave.


Season 1, Episode 3 brainstorming proof

Check out this pic of our Season 1, Episode 3 brainstorming session using wet erase markers, our double-paned glass door, and our highly-sophisticated recording studio.  Ooohhhh....

Edit: pic link fixed


Betwixt three and four

Season one, episode three is out!  Hope everyone gets a listen. 

We had some iTunes issues over the weekend (see our twitter feed, which you can view without signing up for, or see the right-hand column of our website for, or even subscribe to its own RSS feed) but they're resolved now.  All set for download! 

Also posted, via our twitter, some pictures of recent Exemplary DM action, ironically, from two games that Chad and William aren't running.  Check out those links in the twitter.

Episode 4 is going to be a sidetrack from our campaign progression path, but Episode 5 is going to jump right back into the swing of things with the topic - "How to start your campaign- Bringing your players together". 

Email us at exemplarydm at gmail dot com with your suggestions and insight, we looking forward to reading those emails on the podcast!


Season 1 Episode 3

In this episode, we introduce our ground-breaking, revolutionary four-part breakdown of player archetypes.


Two podcasts are recorded

Just need to knock them down.

If only I hadn't left the recordings on my portable hard drive at work... ETA this weekend...



Season 1 - Episode 2

In this podcast we introduce guest host, John, including a contrast-and-compare bit with William and Chad's DM'ing styles.


It's on - Season 1 Episode 2 coming soon

We're podcasting this Saturday.  The topic will be, "How demanding should a DM be on the players?"

Drop us a line at exemplary dm at g mail dot com (no spaces) if you have any input, we'd be happy to read your comments on the podcast and argue about them!


Wherefore art thou Exemplary DM?

Also, awkward.

So, did we mention we're both in three campaigns and married and busy?

Busy this weekend but May 8 we have a campaign session scheduled and we will podcast some time around then.


Pictures from our campaigns

While we're doing everything in our lives we do when we're not podcasting, I twittered some campaign combat pics from our @exemplarydm twitter account. 

For those of you who don't follow twitter, figured I'd share:

Pics from Chad's campaign: http://twitter.com/exemplarydm/status/12414940230
Pics from William's campaign: http://twitter.com/exemplarydm/status/12433824954

You can see our introductory podcast's DM tip in the pics - the PostIt flags, which my wife corrected are made by 3M, not PostIt.  Whatever.  We use these or these.

You can also see the Project Bricks in action. Yep, the same ones I wrote about to Happy Jacks

When I post this blog, it'll hit the intarwebs, streak around Jupiter, find its way to feedburner, and get autotwittered.  Which means my twitter-referencing blog post will get, itself, referenced in twitter.  Did I just blow your mind?


In yur interwebs, invading yur RSS feeds


Podcast Alley:


Adding us to your own Podcast RSS reader?  Use this upgraded RSS feed:

We're here

Everything is set up, from the auto-twit to the RSS. We'll continue to expend our social networking presence I assume.

iTunes apparently takes their sweet time with approving podcast.  I've read it could take weeks. EDIT: We're in!! 

Meanwhile, what other methods of podcast listing would you like to see us use to deliver?  iTunes isn't my favorite, but its dominant in the podcasting scene.

Also, thanks to those of you who have pointed out these mistakes.
  • Ridley Scott directed Alien, not Aliens.
  • It's Credo, not Creedo, as in "Greedo".
In the spirit of full disclosure, I actually designed the "Fightin Nerdy" tee shirt, and will continue to pimp my own funny ideas on the podcast, among others.

One last bit- playing a 74mb mp3 file inside the browser is apparently full of fail. Right-click and download it if you want to access it straight from the website. 


Welcome to our blog!

We're literally, right now, taking a break from recording our first podcast material.  Links to come up shortly!

Email the podcast at ExemplaryDM at Gmail.