Pictures from our campaigns

While we're doing everything in our lives we do when we're not podcasting, I twittered some campaign combat pics from our @exemplarydm twitter account. 

For those of you who don't follow twitter, figured I'd share:

Pics from Chad's campaign: http://twitter.com/exemplarydm/status/12414940230
Pics from William's campaign: http://twitter.com/exemplarydm/status/12433824954

You can see our introductory podcast's DM tip in the pics - the PostIt flags, which my wife corrected are made by 3M, not PostIt.  Whatever.  We use these or these.

You can also see the Project Bricks in action. Yep, the same ones I wrote about to Happy Jacks

When I post this blog, it'll hit the intarwebs, streak around Jupiter, find its way to feedburner, and get autotwittered.  Which means my twitter-referencing blog post will get, itself, referenced in twitter.  Did I just blow your mind?