Season 3, Episode 5

Happy Holidays, and if you're into the whole Christmas thing, Merry Christmas! If not, Merry Saturnalia/Dies Natalis Invicti Solis/Hannukah/video games binge/Festivus or whatever it is you're celebrating. We're celebrating with a podcast!

We're going to get caught up with another "Listener Feedback" podcast episode, to get caught up on some of the amazing content we've received from both our listeners. We also introduced a new Gadget of the Podcast in this episode, bringing the total of all gadgets to seven!


Exemplary Local Game Stores

We want your input!

Where do you go to locally support the RPG/gaming/miniatures/war games community?

Send us an email us ASAP with your local game store, and we'll add it to the Exemplary Local Game Stores page here on the website!


Season 3, Episode 4

The Horror Episode


Thank to an inspired email from listener Adam J, we adopted the topic of "how to be effectively eery" for a campaign or campaign session and delivered a top notch set of 10 tips of how to pull of a scary/horror/terror session, six "do" tips and four "don't do" tips.


Build Post - The 2-Story Catacomb/The Piano of Death

William here, putting together a blog post on an artsy-craftsy set build for an encounter I had planned for my campaign on Friday night. This whole build took about 90 minutes, which included some moments of silent ponderance, whole seconds spent in doubtful introspection, careful balancing of minis on transparencies, and the sweeping up of a cloud of powdery detritus leftover from the Project Bricks.

This blog post is a "build" post about making a two-level catacombs hallway, followed by a gallery of some other things I've made using a rudimentary set of skills, Project Bricks and hot glue.


Season 3, Episode 3

The n00b Episode

In this episode we cover over eight helpful tips for DMs to use when playing for the very first time with players new to role-playing games. This happens often - as career DM's we are regularly evangelizing the game to new friends, spouses, coworkers, kids, shipmates, etc. How best to achieve success with brand new roleplayers?


Season 3, Episode 2

The Catch Up On Feedback Episode

Yes, we're still podcasting! Thanks to everyone who cared enough to email us and ask if we are both still alive. But really, rumors of the demise of the ExemplaryDM podcast are mostly exaggerated.

In this episode we respond to listener emails in a number of ways, including some inspiration from LinkedIn spam, responding to listening feedback, cordially telling people who wonder if we are still podcasting to bugger off, and for the first time, using a listener's character concept as a Gadget of the Podcast!


New Podcast Soon; EDM Recommended Game Shoppes

Exemplary DM Fans:

Three important notes:

  1. Season 3, Episode 2 should be released soon! We are hoping to sew everything together tonight. Thanks for your patience and for your emails, which we will be replying to in this episode.  Also, a new Gadget of the Podcast type will be introduced!
  2. Where do you buy your game stuff? Dice, books, manuals, figurines, cards, games? We want to know!  Shoot us an email or tweet with your favorite local hangouts so that we can use them in an upcoming web/podcast feature on local gaming vendors. Whether you visit there to buy your stuff and/or hang out all weekend long, we'd like to know if you'd recommend them as an Exemplary Game Shoppe!
  3. There is no third note.