Season 1 Episode 3

In this episode, we introduce our ground-breaking, revolutionary four-part breakdown of player archetypes.

Jerk, Douche, Idiot, and Loser

We explain what the prototypical characteristics of each, give DM's useful strategies on dealing with them, and provide some general troubleshooting tips to DM's for dealing with problematic players.  I think this podcast can help everyone discover their inner Jerk, Douche, Idiot or Loser.

Our recurring gadgets of the podcast feature our latest miserable failure at fanfare, plus the following gadgets:

Encounter of the Podcast: The versatile Minefield
Tee Shirt Idea: DMs Do It on Tables
Player Concept: Gurdy the Barbarian King
DM Tip: Image Inspiration
Player Tip: Invest in the campaign

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