Podcasting Progress Goes "Boink"

Just checking in with some updates and pics.

We don't update this blog nearly as often as we tweet.  If you like our blog posts, you'll probably get sick of our tweets!  One of the reasons why is that we're both pretty flippin busy people, what with Chad and his advanced studies in underwater basketweaving and William working for "the man".  Twitter is stupidly easy to update, and there's near-constant opportunity to say "that's what she said!" to yourself outloud.

We've posted a bunch of pictures of our recently-painted figurines, plus a pic of the epically nerdy cake that William got for his birthday from his wife.

Chad's got a pretty decent schedule for his campaign going every two weeks, but William's campaign is being ravaged by scheduling issues and hasn't played since November.  Blerg.  On the other hand, he's running a delve group at work, though that sometimes feels like skipping across the surface of a game.

We're hoping to podcast again soon, always open to feedback on our next topic - multiple-DM campaigns. The podcasting gawds are surely still not pleased with us, since last episode was downright PG-13 (mostly on account of the wimmins).  We're cursed with busy schedules.  Next episode, we'll be sure to bring the cuss and smut.  Promise!