Provoking a response

Hello, listeners!

For future episodes, we're looking for your input on ANY of the following topics:

  • Your favorite DND4e House Rules or general RPG "table" rules
  • Examples of excellent/poor/hilarious on-the-spot DM decisions, not rule-based, from your campaign or from one you played in
  • Your favorite custom DND Delve concepts, themes, gimmicks or scenarios
  • Your ideas on how to make a Delve (or one-night session) special, including ideas, scenario rules, house rules, game format
  • Your favorite made-up DND-related curse words (fewmets!) 
Shoot us your ideas in an email ("exemplary dm at gmail dot com", no spaces of course)!  If you've already blogged about a topic, shoot us the link and we'll be happy to share your content on our podcast and link to it on our shownotes.

In exchange for your ideas and input, we'll give you the attribution, praise and/or unholy scorning that you deserve!