Season 2, Episode 3

Season two, episode three is part two of three of our house rules series.  Beforehand we discussed the new WotC 4e rendition of the TSR classic Gamma World game.  As a loyal gamer in the post-apoc genre, William joins Chad in a discussion on Gamma World, who can enjoy the new version and what we can bring from the new Gamma World "green" box to our DND table.  Also, has anyone heard anything about Daggerdale?  Looking for user feedback and reviews...

Then, we got right into our houserules breakdown. Here's the next five we cover in this episode, with more to come:
  1. Critical Hits - max x2, extra actions
  2. A missed attack into a crowd
  3. Most skill checks as minor actions
  4. Only in-character tactical discussion - DM interrupts out-of-character discussion
  5. Exceptionally well-executed turns/rounds may reap extra benefits
  6. More item dailies
  7. Tyler's tick combat system for DND4e
In addition to The Diablo String Orchestra, listeners should notice some new bumper music and by The Kobolds, from their tracks Wizard Pipe and Goblin Parade off their first EP.  A big thanks to Nick of The Kobolds, so say hi to them on twitter @TheKobolds, tell em we sent you. You can find music and lyrics on their website at thekobolds.com.   Got a band with nerdy music who wouldn't mind having your tunes chopped up and finely spread over a DND podcast?  Email us!
    Gadgets of the Podcast:

    Encounter: Interrogation/The Trial
    Tee shirt: Meddle not in the affairs of dragons
    Character Concept: Squid for Brains/the possessed character
    DM Tip: Deliberately riff
    Player Tip: Don't be a dick by... setting up combos with other PCs, in combat and RP
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      Minor Update: We missed the last two houserules covered in the first post of these show notes.