She Kills Monsters

(Tried to compress this into a tweet today but had too much to say.)

If you grew up in the 90s and haven't heard of She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen, a play about two sisters and Dungeons & Dragons, look for it in a community or college theater near you.

The play has a great story wrapped around the fantasy-in-reality setting of a homebrewed D&D campaign, and is very, very, very funny. As a metaphor for the high school experience of a group of kids who weren't in the cool crowd, the story freshly creates some easily relateable and poignant moments. It has pro-nerd and humanist morals and for teens and grownups to share together, though like our podcast, it is not intended for children.

Unlike many other works on the topic (Zero Charisma), She Kills Monsters portrays D&D and its players in a positive light and weaves a redeeming story, not some tired Chick-Tractsian dark drama about nerds "falling too deep" into a roleplaying game. We can't get too much of that message, so this should definitely be championed by folks like us.

Besides, before the show and during stage changes, they were blasting a ton of 90s alt rock, which is kindof my jamz. -w

PS Also succubus cheerleaders.

More info:
30xNinety Theater