We're like GLaDOS

As in, yes, we're still alive.

And yes, we've got plenty of ideas for a whole slew of podcasts.  If podcast ideas were cats, we'd be widowed spinsters.  With lots of cats.

And we've been playing DND recently too, campaigns and delves alike.  Check out some of our picture tweets.

And we've been enjoying pleasant repartee with our tweety friends, and confirming more people who know Chamberlain. (suck it, Chad! -w)

We did actually record most of an episode last month, but then realized that we didn't cover our mic while enjoying a pleasant autumn night's breeze.  #doublefacepalm

But, like we told Exemplary DM super fan @countjoshula, we are "just doing it at our pace. We are both busy busy sexy busy people."

And this is true.  If anything, our podcast has been defined by doing things our way, at our timing.

And we like the results, so we're going to keep doing things our way.  Thanks for sticking around, reading this, following us and listening to our catalog.

Season 2 Episode 6 coming soon, promise.