Season 2, Episode 3

Season two, episode three is part two of three of our house rules series.  Beforehand we discussed the new WotC 4e rendition of the TSR classic Gamma World game.  As a loyal gamer in the post-apoc genre, William joins Chad in a discussion on Gamma World, who can enjoy the new version and what we can bring from the new Gamma World "green" box to our DND table.  Also, has anyone heard anything about Daggerdale?  Looking for user feedback and reviews...


S2E2 kersplodes

Wow, Chad and William can't thank all of our listeners, supporters, twitter buddies and wives enough for checking out our last podcast episode.

Hard at work on S2E3 and we happened to get a notification from our host- our bandwidth is tightening up, thanks to more than 300 downloads of S2E2. Wow!

S2E3 coming soon...


Season 2, Episode 2

Our topic for season two, episode two was house rules- a broad and sweeping topic that prompted our first listener feedback segment.  We've gotten a wave of activity towards us on twitter and in email!

  Meanwhile, welcome to all our new listeners, soon-to-be loyal!