Season 3, Episode 4

The Horror Episode


Thank to an inspired email from listener Adam J, we adopted the topic of "how to be effectively eery" for a campaign or campaign session and delivered a top notch set of 10 tips of how to pull of a scary/horror/terror session, six "do" tips and four "don't do" tips.


Build Post - The 2-Story Catacomb/The Piano of Death

William here, putting together a blog post on an artsy-craftsy set build for an encounter I had planned for my campaign on Friday night. This whole build took about 90 minutes, which included some moments of silent ponderance, whole seconds spent in doubtful introspection, careful balancing of minis on transparencies, and the sweeping up of a cloud of powdery detritus leftover from the Project Bricks.

This blog post is a "build" post about making a two-level catacombs hallway, followed by a gallery of some other things I've made using a rudimentary set of skills, Project Bricks and hot glue.