Announcing: The Exemplary Tome of Gadgets!

You've noticed we've been quiet for a while.

Well this time, we have a really good excuse!

Announcing: available internationally in paperback today, the Exemplary DM Podcast Presents: The Exemplary Tome of Gadgets!

UPDATE: Now Available on Kindle for just $4.00 or FREE if you buy the print edition!

It is available at special price of 4.99 with Amazon coupon code HOLIDAY30 until November 30, 2014 at 11:59pm PST. This special prices the book BELOW cost!  The book is currently onsale for US$6.75!

The normal price of US$7.50 - just above the cost to print - means this is a perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite RPG table runner.

Also a special offer - do you own/operate/frequent an exemplary local game store? We'd be happy to send - while supplies last - an introductory package of copies of the book FOR FREE. CreateSpace Direct Resellers can also purchase the book at significant discount.

From the creative loins of the voices behind the Exemplary DM podcast (exemplarydm.com) comes a 50-page pocket handbook of Adventure Hooks, Encounter Ideas, and Character Concepts for tabletop role playing games that you can bring to your table, tonight!

Each gadget comes with follow-up text on how this knowledge has been applied to real-life campaigns, giving you both conceptual and applied knowledge of the concept, as well as a surface large enough to act as a coaster for two (2) cold drinks!

Bargain priced and indexed for quick reference, this gift is a perfect stocking stuffer for the aspiring or experienced Dungeon Master in your life.

The plot twists, encounter ideas and NPC/PCs concepts inside are system-agnostic for easy adoption into any game system.

Our 6"x9" pocket-sized reference book, with table of context and keyword index, is perfectly proportioned for:
  • hiding behind your DM screen
  • fanning the flames of creativity
  • literally fanning real flames
  • soaking up your player's tears
  • soaking up your own tears
  • stopping bullets!*
  • holding pastries
  • wrapping fresh fish
  • scooping up dead insects
  • protecting your precious wooden table from condensation
  • softening the thunderous impacts of your critical hit rolls
  • recycling into cookbooks
  • padding uncomfortable seating surfaces
  • gifting to a player in your campaign when you've used every gadget and watching in horror as they realize every plot twist came from a book!
*Will not stop bullets. 

Published November 2014. 50 pages.

While the ExemplaryDM podcast is definitely Not Safe For Kids to listen to (as we say in the intro of every episode), the book is family-friendly.

Listen to the special announcement recording from author Chad and co-author William here! Right-click and Save-As below, or us the RSS feed built into this page.
Mirror 1 (196kbps) (Oregon US) (154.3mb)

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