Season 3, Episode 1

The Overland Travel Episode

Apropos for our first recording in Exemplary DM Studios East, our main topic for this podcast is Overland Travel, which is what William endured to make his way to Chad's new habitat.  We open season three in a dangerous, far-off land called "That's the place from The Wire, right?"


Season 2, Episode 8 - Season Finale

How to End a Campaign

The finale of season two is a somber one - how to successfully end a campaign.  We give lots of ideas on how and why.


We're Not Dead Yet

Here we are, too long after Season 2 Episode 7.

Fear not!  The finale of Season 2, Episode 8, has been recorded!  We're working on putting all the pieces, including multiple user voice contributions, together for the big finale for our second season.



Season 2, Episode 7

The Penetration Episode!

How to get through to the players at your table who aren't really into the whole role-playing thing, and perhaps treat your DND table like a video game.  Lots of tips and tricks to engaging even the most douchey of players!


Season 2, Episode 6

This episode focuses on the Delve game format, a concept that has been pushed forward by DND 4th edition but is good for any gaming system.  The idea is to have a combat-only, role playing-lite three-battle night that focuses on education for new players, ground-breaking for experienced players, solid experience for new DM's and fun for everyone.