New Podcast Soon; EDM Recommended Game Shoppes

Exemplary DM Fans:

Three important notes:

  1. Season 3, Episode 2 should be released soon! We are hoping to sew everything together tonight. Thanks for your patience and for your emails, which we will be replying to in this episode.  Also, a new Gadget of the Podcast type will be introduced!
  2. Where do you buy your game stuff? Dice, books, manuals, figurines, cards, games? We want to know!  Shoot us an email or tweet with your favorite local hangouts so that we can use them in an upcoming web/podcast feature on local gaming vendors. Whether you visit there to buy your stuff and/or hang out all weekend long, we'd like to know if you'd recommend them as an Exemplary Game Shoppe!
  3. There is no third note.