We're like GLaDOS

As in, yes, we're still alive.

And yes, we've got plenty of ideas for a whole slew of podcasts.  If podcast ideas were cats, we'd be widowed spinsters.  With lots of cats.

And we've been playing DND recently too, campaigns and delves alike.  Check out some of our picture tweets.

And we've been enjoying pleasant repartee with our tweety friends, and confirming more people who know Chamberlain. (suck it, Chad! -w)

We did actually record most of an episode last month, but then realized that we didn't cover our mic while enjoying a pleasant autumn night's breeze.  #doublefacepalm

But, like we told Exemplary DM super fan @countjoshula, we are "just doing it at our pace. We are both busy busy sexy busy people."

And this is true.  If anything, our podcast has been defined by doing things our way, at our timing.

And we like the results, so we're going to keep doing things our way.  Thanks for sticking around, reading this, following us and listening to our catalog.

Season 2 Episode 6 coming soon, promise.


Season 2, Episode 5 - Listener Feedback Episode

It's our one-of-a-kind Listener Feedback episode, where we read the best feedback of the summer from our awesome Legion of Listeners!

Why did we do a Listener Feedback episode?  We had a bunch of it.  No kidding!


Season 2, Episode 4

In season two, episode four we wrap up a three-part series of houserules gathered from far and wide.  We thank you for all the good feedback and we've got more to read for future episodes.  If we haven't read or responded to your emails yet, don't worry, we will!  We try not to dedicate too much time in any given podcast to reading listener email and try to keep things topical.


Season 2, Episode 3

Season two, episode three is part two of three of our house rules series.  Beforehand we discussed the new WotC 4e rendition of the TSR classic Gamma World game.  As a loyal gamer in the post-apoc genre, William joins Chad in a discussion on Gamma World, who can enjoy the new version and what we can bring from the new Gamma World "green" box to our DND table.  Also, has anyone heard anything about Daggerdale?  Looking for user feedback and reviews...


S2E2 kersplodes

Wow, Chad and William can't thank all of our listeners, supporters, twitter buddies and wives enough for checking out our last podcast episode.

Hard at work on S2E3 and we happened to get a notification from our host- our bandwidth is tightening up, thanks to more than 300 downloads of S2E2. Wow!

S2E3 coming soon...


Season 2, Episode 2

Our topic for season two, episode two was house rules- a broad and sweeping topic that prompted our first listener feedback segment.  We've gotten a wave of activity towards us on twitter and in email!

  Meanwhile, welcome to all our new listeners, soon-to-be loyal!


Provoking a response

Hello, listeners!

For future episodes, we're looking for your input on ANY of the following topics:

  • Your favorite DND4e House Rules or general RPG "table" rules
  • Examples of excellent/poor/hilarious on-the-spot DM decisions, not rule-based, from your campaign or from one you played in
  • Your favorite custom DND Delve concepts, themes, gimmicks or scenarios
  • Your ideas on how to make a Delve (or one-night session) special, including ideas, scenario rules, house rules, game format
  • Your favorite made-up DND-related curse words (fewmets!) 
Shoot us your ideas in an email ("exemplary dm at gmail dot com", no spaces of course)!  If you've already blogged about a topic, shoot us the link and we'll be happy to share your content on our podcast and link to it on our shownotes.

In exchange for your ideas and input, we'll give you the attribution, praise and/or unholy scorning that you deserve!


Season 2, Episode 1

The New Season!

Thanks to all who enjoyed our first season, we are sure you'll love the second!  As always, we had blast recording and trying to clumsily insert curse words into our podcast to please the gods of podcast scheduling.  Witness our filth first hand as we fumble around with curse words!



Podcasting Progress Goes "Boink"

Just checking in with some updates and pics.

We don't update this blog nearly as often as we tweet.  If you like our blog posts, you'll probably get sick of our tweets!  One of the reasons why is that we're both pretty flippin busy people, what with Chad and his advanced studies in underwater basketweaving and William working for "the man".  Twitter is stupidly easy to update, and there's near-constant opportunity to say "that's what she said!" to yourself outloud.

We've posted a bunch of pictures of our recently-painted figurines, plus a pic of the epically nerdy cake that William got for his birthday from his wife.

Chad's got a pretty decent schedule for his campaign going every two weeks, but William's campaign is being ravaged by scheduling issues and hasn't played since November.  Blerg.  On the other hand, he's running a delve group at work, though that sometimes feels like skipping across the surface of a game.

We're hoping to podcast again soon, always open to feedback on our next topic - multiple-DM campaigns. The podcasting gawds are surely still not pleased with us, since last episode was downright PG-13 (mostly on account of the wimmins).  We're cursed with busy schedules.  Next episode, we'll be sure to bring the cuss and smut.  Promise! 


Season 1, Episode 7

Happy new year!

In Season One, Episode Seven, Chad and William invited their wives, Meghan and Christine respectively, to join the podcast with the topic of: