Season 2, Episode 4

In season two, episode four we wrap up a three-part series of houserules gathered from far and wide.  We thank you for all the good feedback and we've got more to read for future episodes.  If we haven't read or responded to your emails yet, don't worry, we will!  We try not to dedicate too much time in any given podcast to reading listener email and try to keep things topical.

In S2E4 we discuss two modern DND-based video games (Daggerdale and the upcoming Neverwinter) and then on playing DND with your kids - we'll be discussing both of these topics more in the future.

Here's the DND4e house rules we discuss in S2E4.  We emphasize more than once: not all house rules are for all DM's, they're not for all player sets either.
  1. Increase the importance of skill trainings and skill-related feats by preventing untrained players from aiding
  2. Don't run an autocracy with house rules, discuss them with your players
  3. DM secretly keeps track of hit points, an idea from Penny Arcade
  4. Granting extra or custom feats, especially with a story tie-in to push character development
  5. Attribute caps on player attributes to start a campaign to prevent one-dimensional players and min/maxing
Gadgets of the Podcast:
  • Encounter: Split the party up with teleport-y monsters
  • Tee Shirt: "Attempting to Appease Your DM With Food & Drink Will Not Save You... but it is Recommended" http://www.cafepress.com/helpdesktees/7847131
  • Character Concept: The retired lawman
  • DM Tip of the Podcast: Don't squeeze it in
  • Player Tip of the Podcast: Make a Paper Character
After this, Chad thanks everyone magnanimously for listening, but really, we have been blown away by even the modicum of attention we've been getting online.  If a podcast could blush, ours would be red.

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UPDATE: We've featured parts of three different songs from The Kobolds in this episode, all off their first EP: Wizard Pipe, Goblin Parade, and Quest.  And, ofcourse, our longtime favorite Balrog Boogie by The Diablo String Orchestra.