Season 2, Episode 2

Our topic for season two, episode two was house rules- a broad and sweeping topic that prompted our first listener feedback segment.  We've gotten a wave of activity towards us on twitter and in email!

  Meanwhile, welcome to all our new listeners, soon-to-be loyal!

So we start this podcast with some great listener email, then move on to a non-exhaustive list of house rules to try for yourselves, or suggest to your DM.  We had so much content that we're going to make this a multi-part series, so stay tuned soon for Season 2 Episode 3 for more DND4e house rules.

A big thanks and a re-shoutout to @moon_unit_eric and Comma Error Radio at @CommaErrorFeed for a shoutout to @ExemplaryDM in their podcast Episode 109.  Wait, 109, really guys?  Haven't you ever heard of seasons?  Geez.  Clearly these guys know nothing about podcasting for a long period of time.  #PlayfulifnotFlirtatiousSarcasm

We also want to introduce our listening audience to the NY-based band The Kobolds! We used their track Wizard Pipe off their first EP for bump music before and after the Gadgets of the Podcast.   We plan to use more Kobolds music in future episodes. A big thanks to Nick of The Kobolds, so say hi to them on twitter @TheKobolds, tell em we sent you. You can find music and lyrics on their website at thekobolds.com

A roundup of the first set of house rules we discussed:
  1. Initiative - d10 instead of d20
  2. Player Death - optional, no death saves
  3. Drama Points
  4. Describing your pain
  5. John's way of upshifting for effect
More houserules in next episode, which has already been recorded!

Gadgets of the Podcast:
  • Encounter - The restricted path
  • Tee shirt - "GMs don't kill characters. No, wait, that's wrong, we do."
  • Character Concept - The monster hunter
  • DM tip - Simplify combat for yourself
  • Player tip - Don’t be a dick by... having a vocal trademark
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