Season 2, Episode 1

The New Season!

Thanks to all who enjoyed our first season, we are sure you'll love the second!  As always, we had blast recording and trying to clumsily insert curse words into our podcast to please the gods of podcast scheduling.  Witness our filth first hand as we fumble around with curse words!

We open season two with an examination of a homebrew rules tweak, and then we delve into what may be a newfangled experience for many: co-hosting a DND game.  Can't thank our listeners enough for the positive feedback, we look forward to more of it!

Intro discussion:
Main Topic: The Multiple DM Quandary

Gadgets of the Podcast:
Encounter - the vignette
Tee Shirt - DM's do it on Tables
Character Concept - the kenku arena fighter
DM tip - Create urgency for the players
Player tip - Take pictures and share
**A reminder- if you've seen the Dark Crystal, the podcast tells you what to do.

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