Season 1 Episode 4

In this podcast we depart from our campaign preparation series and are joined by two experts in the field of Play by Post, Ben and Dave.

We talk about this online, asynchronous, cooperative, literary style of role playing and how you can use it to reunite geographically separated players, to run large numbers of players, to generate novel-quality content or to run simultaneous split groups of players at once. 

Here are some links, hand picked by their growers, to provide you with some exemplary insight into this fun and engaging style of RPG action:
Our four-part improvised barbershop quartet introduced this episode's recurring gadgets of the podcast:
  • Encounter of the Podcast: The Chase
  • Tee Shirt Idea: +4 Shirt of Protection
  • Character Concept: Eebnox, the Senile Psion
  • DM Tip: Try being secretive with information
  • Player Tip: Don't be a rules lawyer (a sub-category of Loser)

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