Season 1 - Episode 5

We're back and joined this time by guest host Ian to talk about tips and pointers on how to create your own Campaign Setting. 

  • No, we're not trying to put WotC out of business, just giving pointers on things to think about when starting a new campaign in a custom world, without using any pre-written material!
  • We present an outlined list of things to think about before starting your custom setting campaign.
  • The exemplarypastrychef.com is a lie. 
  • Did you hear that bromance is now in the Oxford English Dictionary?
  • Our apologies to the fine, sturdy people of featureless Topeka, Kansas.

This podcast is full of suggestions on building your campaign setting world, from geography to civilization, and ofcourse, our five Gadgets of the Podcast:
  • Encounter: Primitive Village Defense
  • Tee shirt idea: A matter of weight ratios from shirt.woot!
  • PC/NPC Concept: Tumult the Revenant Barbarian
  • DM Tip: How do players acquire magic items?
  • Player Tip: Feats, you explain them
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