Season 3, Episode 2

The Catch Up On Feedback Episode

Yes, we're still podcasting! Thanks to everyone who cared enough to email us and ask if we are both still alive. But really, rumors of the demise of the ExemplaryDM podcast are mostly exaggerated.

In this episode we respond to listener emails in a number of ways, including some inspiration from LinkedIn spam, responding to listening feedback, cordially telling people who wonder if we are still podcasting to bugger off, and for the first time, using a listener's character concept as a Gadget of the Podcast!

Top 10 "In Real Life Job Skills That Are Also Dungeon Master Skills"

#10 - Dungeon Masters can always find a good reason to visit a pub after a long battle.
#9 - Dungeon Masters are used to making someone feel special, even when they have a dumb idea.
#8 - Dungeon Masters are used to sexual harassment resulting in severed limbs... more or less.
#7 - Dungeon Masters don’t mind pointing out where to find pertinent safety information in the manual.
#6 - Dungeon Masters are used to diversity in the workplace, especially different races.
#5 - Dungeon Masters are willing to cheat to give the team success.
#4 - Dungeon Masters are experienced at fudging time requirements.
#3 - Dungeon Masters are willing to spend long hours on a project, even if it never sees the light of day.
#2 - Dungeon Masters are tolerant of all different personality types, from guys who live in their mom’s basements to guys who live in their grandma’s basements.
#1 - Dungeon Masters are really good working with PC’s.

Email Response ShowNotes:
William and Chad then riff a bit on how DM skills are important to kids, the first of many hints at a podcast topic to come. 
Then we discuss the prevalence of all the people named Michael.  Chad has a great line here, "If you're having a child, and thinking about naming it something," which standing by itself is awesome.   
Drew's email- If we've been doing anything over the last nine months since s3e1, we've been persevering our asses off. 
Mac's Email - Here is the link to Games and Stuff, and to the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire game, and a review of it from Penny Arcade.  
Send us links/info on your local game store, we'd like to start collecting them for a future list of concentrication or podcast: exemplarydm@gmail.com  
William responded harshly to Michael's inquisition as to our aliveness, and regrets doing so, not wanting to upset the large Michael demographic of our listenership. 
Terry suggested we have our campaign's players on our podcasts, and we thought up the amazing idea of doctoring their comments.  (But really, all our podcast guests have been players in our campaigns. Cool, huh?)
House's Hugh Lawrie does an American doing a British accent, the acting kersplosion.
The ID DM wrote in (theiddm.wordpress.com) to talk about Blade Raiders by Grant Gould (grantgould.blogspot.com), which has a pretty good website: bladeraiders.com
Chad still hasn't seen The Wire. (A good thing?)  
Gadgets of the Podcast:
  • Encounter: The Ruins Descent - underground cavern with a linear traversal of terrain
  • T-shirt Idea: Minecraft EnderDragon shirt - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009Z3XH8A
  • Character Concept:  Carra Esselbrand from the email from Kristine (@12thKnight on twitter) who writes for Fanboy Comics http://www.fanboycomics.net 
    • Don't miss where William almost quits the podcast in the 42nd minute.
  • **NEW!** Adventure Hook: Sudden divine powers
  • Player Tip: Don’t be a dick by... Coming up with a great dwarven names. 
  • DM tip: Beginning campaign house rules doc 
<serious> Upon listening to this podcast, you should relax in the knowledge that we are surely more upset than anyone about the infrequently of recording sessions. We are blown away that people are actually emailing us to ask if we're still around, and by the steady stream of new followers on twitter and on this blog.  Post note: This was our first time recording a co-located podcast.  There's some issues with mic positioning for William and some minor echo issues late in the podcast with Chad that we are certainly going to fix going forward.</serious>

Big Thanks for music, once again big thanks to the Diablo String OrchestraThe Kobolds, our listener Chuck for the gadgets intro jamz, and mega-fan Joshua Bentley for voice-overs galore (@voiceofthebigjb).  

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