Season 3, Episode 5

Happy Holidays, and if you're into the whole Christmas thing, Merry Christmas! If not, Merry Saturnalia/Dies Natalis Invicti Solis/Hannukah/video games binge/Festivus or whatever it is you're celebrating. We're celebrating with a podcast!

We're going to get caught up with another "Listener Feedback" podcast episode, to get caught up on some of the amazing content we've received from both our listeners. We also introduced a new Gadget of the Podcast in this episode, bringing the total of all gadgets to seven!

Emails and their Surprisingly Salient topics:
  • Joshua - Hi guys from Gamma Boise
  • Ian - How to balance NPC Characterization? Perhaps consider whether or not the NPC will recur. Also, NPC voices - a good thing!
  • Adam - Campaign wikis - link to his group's wiki: http://weir-with-awl.obsidianportal.com
  • Graham Krak - thanks! No, thank YOU, good sir.
  • James - just passive aggressive
  • Simon - His recommended exemplary local game store, Meeplemart
  • Christy - “Oh the horror” and a segue into:

Top 10 Best Fantasy Re-names for the NFL's Washington Redskins:

10. Washington SauRon Pauls
9. Washington Million “Men of the West” Marchers
8. Washington Gelatinous Lobbyists
7. Washington Saggy Old White Incubi
6. Washington Stone Golems
5. Washington Dread Scott Knights v. Sandford
4. Washington Githyankees
3. Adam Jazairi @acjaz (from the horror episode) - The Washington Scalpflayers. "It strikes the perfect balance between racism and mind flayers." (BTW, D&D is totally racist, but not between humans, so it's okay?)
2. Kellan @KellanMorgan @exemplarydm - Washington Blackskins or Darkskins, with a drow head as the logo. "I think that would go over really well."
1. Washington Undeadskins (from listener Christy)

More from listener Christy and us:

Gadgets of the Podcast

Encounter: The Creepy Kid quandary

Character concept: Oni concept from listener Blair, the orphan tiefling swordmaster with an imp/parrot familiar, and the Oni Japanese mythology.

Tee shirt: Gelatinous cube season’s greetings. Would go well with William's vulgar red tights. (No pictures will be provided of this. Ever. To anyone.)

Adventure Hook: “Shindig” episode from Firefly - going to the party where you are underdressed to meet someone, accidentally offended and instigating a battle of honor, cow smuggling, etc.

Magical Item: Gizmo's Wand-Woven staff, thanks to James

Player Tip: Don’t be a dick... by roleplaying-block another player, much less the DM. "Yes, and" applies to interactions between PC's, too. Sometimes, it's okay to allow your character to change its mind.

DM Tip: Create new skills/challenges on the fly if needed, using appropriate attribute, character background justification, and player plausibility explanation. Just because DND4e doesn't have "crafting" skills doesn't mean your PC's couldn't get along at an SCA event. For example, Wasteland 2's "Ass Trio” of skills, or the twitter thread about crafting a raft.

Big Thanks for music, once again big thanks to the Diablo String OrchestraThe Kobolds, our listener Chuck for the intro to the gadgets of the podcast jam, and mega-fan Joshua Bentley for voice-overs galore (@voiceofthebigjb).

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