Summer Is Coming

To avoid having our blog go one whole trimester without a post, William here with a friendly hello.

Yes, we're still alive. In fact, there's more of us! Speaking of trimesters, Chad is now officially a geek dad, not just a geek. Please join me in congratulating him via twitter at @Exemplary_Chad or email!

Unlike Oberyn Martell, we haven't lost..... sight?... of our goals. (too soon?)

So yes, the podcast is still alive.

Exemplary Chad and his Exemplary Childbirther are still in the hallucinatory sleep-deprived throes of infant-rearing, and that's honestly the best excuse we've had for a slow podcasting schedule since the great Mike N Ikes shortage of aught-13, or the tree-smashed-house-in-hurricane bit we tried from aught-12. (One of those two things actually happened and it was terrible.)

Meanwhile, please enjoy our back catalog of podcasts, keep firing your emails and tweets at us (people are still talking about Chamberlain). Our next episode will be a Listener Feedback episode to play catchup and we've already written out the content for S3E9, so how about that?

Plus, if you follow closely, you might find Chad, Ian, Hunter and I playing our online DND campaign via Roll20.net and streaming it and other games on Twitch. You can even watch our live recordings of our last three online campaign sessions here.

Keep in touch, talk at you soon!