Season 1 - Episode 1 of the Exemplary DM Podcast is LIVE!

In this podcast we introduce our two co-hosts, William and Chad.

We presented our DM's Credo, which follows:
We hold these truths to be self-evident:
The Dungeon Master never picks on anyone. 
The DM never plays favorites. 
The DM is never personal. 
The DM is always prepared. 
If the DM isn't prepared, the DM is extemporaneously moving the campaign down his or her path. 
The DM wants the PCs to be challenged, but also to have fun. 
The DM wants to cooperatively tell a story. 
Accusing, suggesting, joking or otherwise insinuating against the above truths is tantamount to sabotaging your own gaming experience, stealing from the group's enjoyment and diminishing the DM's desire to play this game with you.
 We review our bios, our podcast inspirations, our DM'ing styles, and present the Recurring Gadgets of the Podcast:
  • Encounter/Delve of the Podcast: The Decoy Caravan
  • Tee Shirt Idea of the Podcast: Fightin Nerdy
  • Character Concept of the Podcast: Retired ex-military Goliath Bartender
  • DM Tip of the Podcast: Status Markers!
  • Player Tip of the Podcast: Inter-party communication
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