We're here

Everything is set up, from the auto-twit to the RSS. We'll continue to expend our social networking presence I assume.

iTunes apparently takes their sweet time with approving podcast.  I've read it could take weeks. EDIT: We're in!! 

Meanwhile, what other methods of podcast listing would you like to see us use to deliver?  iTunes isn't my favorite, but its dominant in the podcasting scene.

Also, thanks to those of you who have pointed out these mistakes.
  • Ridley Scott directed Alien, not Aliens.
  • It's Credo, not Creedo, as in "Greedo".
In the spirit of full disclosure, I actually designed the "Fightin Nerdy" tee shirt, and will continue to pimp my own funny ideas on the podcast, among others.

One last bit- playing a 74mb mp3 file inside the browser is apparently full of fail. Right-click and download it if you want to access it straight from the website.